Monday, October 15, 2007

America IS Running On Dunkin'

Now understand, I have nothing against Dunkin Donuts. That being said, if "America Is Running on Dunkin" as their advertising campaign says, then America is running on empty.

I was attending a "non-fitness" conference all weekend, so none of my fellow fitness pros were there. I always bring my own food to these classes, and yes, they are healthy foods to give me energy and add to my learning. The other attendees bring their own snacks too, but I was amazed how many people brought in boxes from Dunkin Donuts! The advertising must be working.

What you may not realize is that Dunkin does not make you run, donuts will put you to sleep! The energy you get from eating a donut is going to get into your blood system for a quick boost, but 45 minutes later your body has released insulin to absorb all of that sugar and then your energy will crash! I saw many sleeping heads in the room over 2 days. By the way, where do you think you body then stores all of the sugar it has collected? Bingo! In fat cells.

Snacks such as donuts, candy, cakes or soda rob your ability to remain awake and alert for long durations of time, and if I have paid for a conference I want to get every detail out of it I can. Not only that, but what is the primary activity during conferences? Sitting, not exactly and effective way to burn off those extra stored calories!

So what is a healthy snack? I take almonds, apples or carrots with Peanut Butter, hard boiled eggs, protein bars, and lots of water. That way I am sure I am keeping my body fueled with energy for long days of learning, and I get the biggest bang for my buck!

There was a reason the slogan didn't say America runs on Donuts, and it had nothing to do with the coffee!

Have a healthy day!

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