Thursday, August 30, 2007

Things That Make Me Go HMMM....

As you may already know, I often train my clients at local parks and waterfronts. Being outside allows my clients to have a greater variety of choices in their workouts, while adding a social component to our training routines which would otherwise occur in private homes and gyms.

It also affords us another opportunity: people watching.

During one of the workouts this morning I saw something so ironic it made me laugh. The area in which I live has a relatively large Chinese population, and for months my clients and I have been greeted with warm smiles and waves from our Chinese counterparts. Consistently, we are sharing the park with about 12-15 people working out in various forms: walking, running, callistentics, stretching, Tai Chi, and even pull ups on the local trees. But there is something striking about these fitness enthusiasts: their ages probably go from 70-90+ years old. No Kidding. What is even more facinating is their ease of mobility. These ladies and gentlemen walk at a brisk pace, swing their arms, stretch and rotate freely! They don't limp or shuffle. Their posture is relatively good, and their joints appear to function normally...and I will reiterate...they are no younger than 70!

So what made me laugh? One of the women carries a cane, though her gait (walking pattern) appears to be strong and balanced. I would have to guess she is in her mid 80s, she is one of the regular walkers and Tai Chi participants. Today she was completing her normal morning laps, and she passed someone, not quickly, but she passed him and lapped him around the park. No big deal, except he was 6 feet tall, about 250 lbs and only around 30 years old! She is 80, 4'8" (on a good day) and carrying a cane!!!!

Now, I can guess with some certainty these people are immigrants, as none of them speak English but often attempt pleasant comment on our workouts. As Americans, we are from one of the richest countries in the world, yet our citizens do not place so much emphasis on their own physical well being. My observation of the Chinese athletes (I am calling them athletes) is they see the importance of moving every muscle, every day, and it has increased their longevity and vibrancy in life. They walk through the park swinging their arms in all different directions. They do jumping jacks, clap their hands, twist and turn.....could this be the fountain of youth?

What a concept...just move! No equipment necessary. Just move, and walk and talk with friends at the same really could be that simple!

I don't know about you, but I think that is one of the most positive thoughts....because it is so simple, anyone could do that everyday. We still need quality food and clean water, but WOW! What if being healthy and living a long active life is just THAT simple? I wouldn't mind being out of a job if it meant the world was a healthier, happier place, because that is a world I would love to live in!

Have a healthy day.....get out for a walk!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

How Much Is Too Much?

I love tennis, and right now the US Open is in full swing! I will log many hours by my television with my laptop or a book in hand while tennis is on, I just can't seem to get enough of the athleticism and finesse these athletes exude.

This year's tennis tournaments seem to be plagued by their own sports scandal, but it has nothing to do with steroids or gambling. This plague is a simple but deadly demon: over training injuries. Consider this: the tennis season begins in January and runs through September. There are four major events, but many, many additional tournaments all year long to help player ranking as well as income levels.

The US Open Series runs almost CONTINUALLY from July 17Th until September 9Th, with some tournament actually overlapping start and end dates. Now, if you are one of the players on tour you are playing, with very little recovery time, continuously throughout the ENTIRE it is no wonder the athletes are plagued with injury.

The sport of tennis has constant repetitive motion, on various hard, soft or slick surfaces, and the matches last from 90 minutes up till 4 hours or longer, mostly in the heat and humidity of the summer sun.

Some of the top names, if not most, are suffering from chronic stress related injuries, and one top ranked player, Kim Clijsters, has retired because of the exhaustive schedule.

So what is my point to all this? It is a perfect example of what over training or singular (one method) training can do to the human body. So why are you still taking the SAME spinning class you have for the past 3 years???? Your body has to be wearing down physically after so much repetition, not to mention that your body has mastered that motion and does not burn as much fat as it used to. Cross training, in every area of your fitness routine, is crucial. So get out there, try new classes, use new equipment, find out what those huge beach balls and half balls are in the anyway...then use them a few times. (BTW, the half ball is a BOSU and one of my favorite pieces of equipment)

You may be both surprised and relieved by the results. As they say, variety is the spice of life!

Have a healthy day!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A Little Inspiration

I don't normally blog about spiritual subjects, but today I am.

Click this link

Dax Moy, a personal trainer in the UK, sent me this link a few months ago and I just played it again.

It is quite possibly the most beautiful message I have read in my entire life, and that is not an exaggeration.

See for yourself.

You may just want to share this message with others too, as I am now. And while you are at it, send them a link to, and share the gift of fitness inspiration!

Have a healthy day

Monday, August 20, 2007

Let's KISS

Let's K-I-S-S

Keep It Simple Silly. I love when I can share the easiest and most practical information with you, because let's face it: if it gets complicated we may not take the time to do it.

So today's info is the best nutritional advice I have heard in a long time.

There has been so much debate and advertising lately that carbs are bad for you, and should be avoided. I have heard them all too, but today I was reading an interview with Dr. Chris Mohr, PhD, and I loved what he had to say: EAT MORE FIBER!

Talk about keeping it simple!

Think about it, the carbs that are good for us contain more fiber: veggies, fruit, and whole grains. Refined carbs have less fiber (or none at all) and those are the carbs you want to limit your intake of.

So make sure you are eating vegetables with every meal and you will have better results with your nutrition program.

In the spirit of keeping it simple, that is all I have to say for today!

So add more fiber and have a healthy day!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Bootcamp Baby!!!!

Well Bootcamp has launched and we are having tons of fun!

As a trainer, I want everyone in the world to move more and feel better,

In fact, we as trainers are sorta on a mission,

To improve your life through fitness.

Yeah, really!!!!

I see it as a crusade, attempting to educate and motivate ALL people

To live a healthy life style.

Imagine waking up in a world where people actually felt better,

They had less aches and pains,

They had more energy,

And most of all they were happier.

Wouldn't that be a world you want to live in?

Is that a place you want to be an active participant in?

That is what exercise, healthy eating, and a fit lifestyle are all about.

The Build A Better Body Bootcamp is designed to help you achieve those things,

And so much more.

Whatever you do.....or want to do.....START DOING IT!!!!

And more importantly:


You will always reach your goals in life, fitness goals or otherwise,

If you develop focus and vision so clear and determined,

That you don't quit till you get there.

Have a fit day!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Have you ever had one of those days?

As Shania Twain says:

"...I'm falling apart....I am late for work and my car won't start....

My panty line shows, gotta run in my hose, my hair went flat,

Man I hate that......"

Yeah, one of those days....

Where you just want to sit and cry, forget anything else.

Yup, I know those days too, we all have them.

Now, I know this is going to sound like a cliche because I am a trainer,

But really, going and working out has been proven to elevate your mood.

Exercise increases serotonin levels, the positive chemical in your brain,

And your mood is lifted.

But sometimes it is so much more than that: sometimes it is the release.

Have you ever tried a kickboxing class when you are angry?

Did it feel satisfying?

Or taken a spinning class when you were faced with a large burden in your life,

And those hills were a little easier to climb.

You would be amazed how much more weight you can lift when you are really angry,

But I don't recommend going too heavy because you will feel it the next day.

Exercise is a great place for us to release the stress that occurs,

When life happens.

And guess happens.

So take the dog for a walk, or a hike, or a run,

Whatever you think you need to release the pressure.

Turn on your favorite music and dance, that will always lift the spirits.

You may even want to go try that kickboxing class you have been thinking about,

Just don't punch too hard, you will feel that later.

Have a fit day!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Food For Thought

Have you ever noticed that when you sit and watch TV you want to snack?

I have.

I will be satisfied and full from dinner,

Sit to watch a show,

And be hungry!!!!

Read this article and maybe you will understand why:,0,7776295.story

Marketing and advertising are POWERFUL!

We are subjected to it every time we watch TV,

Or listen to listen to radio,

Or open a magazine,

Drive our car,


AUGH!!!! There is no where to hide from advertising.

There are even advertisements for pretzels in a couple of the gyms I go to!


A refined carbohydrate in the gym?

What is my point?

Becoming aware that you are being brainwashed

Is half the battle.

Advertisers are trying to convince us all day long

That we NEED their products.

So learn to listen with a trained ear

And stay focused on your plan to live a healthy lifestyle.

By the way, this is where it would be helpful

To have a really strong MANTRA to motivate you.

When you think about it,

All those cute jingles from the food companies

Are their mantras...and you have been listening to them

Tell you what you want

All your life!

Fight back,

Be aware,

Stay healthy.

Have a fit day!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Are You Talking To Yourself?

What's on your mind?

What do you want to get off your plate mentally?

What are the goals you want to achieve?

Have you ever tried to write them down?

The year 2000 was literally a living hell for me,

And it was an inferno that got hotter in 2001,

And self combusted in 2002.

There is a practice I developed during this chaos

That helped me through my most challenging days.

This practice was journaling.

On days I did not want to get out of bed,

Or I wanted to starve myself so I could not feel

The suffocating emotional pain,

I journaled.

I used to hide in the upstairs of the local Starbucks

And write until I said everything I needed to.

Until all of the pain and anger trapped in my mind

Was released on the page

And I felt infinitely better.

I am blessed to report that there has not been any trauma

Even remotely similar in intensity

To those three years of my life,

But I still journal all the time.

Every letter, for me, begins: Dear Lord,

Then I share all of my thoughts,




And accomplishments.

And it works.

Journaling has allowed my to clear my head and

Set new goals,

Celebrate my life,

Say Thank You for the blessings all around me,

And see that I am a human being

With so much left to learn in this lifetime.

And even though those lessons are sometimes painful,

They are always worth while.

If you don't journal, my suggestion is to try it.

Even if you type it on your computer,

And never save it,

You may be pleasantly surprised at the amazing things you discover

About yourself.

Because you are already Perfect, Whole and Complete,

And you are just learning the lessons of life,

Like everybody else on this enormous planet.

Have an amazing day :-)

Monday, August 6, 2007


Why isn't my workout working?

Is this how you feel?

You have been working out regularly,

Doing 45 minutes of cardio,

Light weight training,

Watching your nutrition,

And you can't seem to lose any more weight?

What if I told you that traditional methods of exercise

Are simply never going to get you to your goal.

Our bodies acclimate so quickly to our workouts,

In a short period of time it masters the skill

And slows down the weight loss process.

If you have been reading my blog for a while

You know I emphasize interval training

Because it does what traditional workouts can never replicate

It causes EPOC, otherwise known as

Excessive Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption

Causing you to burn MORE calories for the next 36 hours.

Pretty cool, huh?

Now I am ready to get YOU into the gym and show you HOW!!!

Starting a week from today, I am beginning my

Bootcamp classes!!!!


They are going to be held in the Northern Liberties area of Philly,

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

At 6AM, 7AM and 10 AM.

And the cost of the program,

Paired with the results you are going to get are amazing!!!

If you are finally SERIOUS, and are ready to lose the weight

In the shortest amount of time,

Then you need to be here in this class!!!

Hurry, space is VERY limited,

And I already have calls coming in.

Reply to this blog to get all of the details,

And remember, if you snooze you lose,

Because the classes are filling fast!

Have a Healthy Day!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Who Woulda Thunk It?

One of my mentors in the Fitness Industry shared this article with me:

Take a moment to read it and come back,

I'll wait.

Wow, who woulda thunk it?

I have a question, on a positive note:

If you are in a group of people who are living a healthy life style,

And losing weight, is the social stimulus just as powerful?

There is strength in numbers,

And whether your goal is to lose weight,

Or maintain the status quot,

Be mindful of those you are surrounding yourself with.

When you are trying to live a new, healthy life style,

Enroll AS MANY of your friends and relatives in the program as you can.

You will have the support you need,

As well as be able to offer support to others who need you.

THAT sounds like a win/win situation to me!

Have a healthy day!