Thursday, October 11, 2007

True Commitment

"True commitment is continuing to do what you said you would, long after the emotion you declared it in is gone. "

How does this relate to yourself and your life? How does this relate to your fitness program? When you made the commitment to yourself that NOW was the time for you to get in shape, lose weight, or workout, what was the emotion or feeling you were experiencing? Was it hope? Was it excitement? How long did the feeling last, and did it affect your progress? Did you stop progress when the emotions were gone?

Sometimes in life we get stuck, we feel unmotivated or we lose our focus on the goals we have set for ourselves. What do you have to do to keep you commitment alive when you are ready to quit? Have a plan.

Plan out the steps it will take to complete your goal, whether in fitness or otherwise. Start from the end and work your way backward, clearly outlining each milestone and task you need to take so progress can continue. If you find you are lost or unmotivated, refer back to your outline, view it like a road map to your goal. It will guide you along your way to complete any task you want.

Complete this outline when you set your goal. Keep the outline somewhere you can see it everyday so you may be reminded of your goal and the spirit in which it was founded. If it seems to lofty, keep focusing on one step at a time. As long as you keep walking forward on that path you will always achieve anything you want.

Have a healthy day!

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