Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I Am Not The Size Of My Thighs!

I am not the size of my thighs! Nor am I the color of my hair, the car I drive, or the label I wear.

So why do we, as women, equate our worth to the size dress we put on? I will admit it openly that I feel better when my pants are an eight as opposed to a twelve, but why? I am so much more than the sum total of the tags in my wardrobe. I have allowed others to define what beauty is, choosing to accept their definition, but no longer!

We are all so much more than the expectations of the fashion, entertainment, and fitness industries. These corporate creatures have lead us to believe in a specific stigma of beauty, which now is disappearing as the dinosaurs of our past...or so I hope.

I may be writing myself right out of a career, but I feel it is necessary to share my observations of what many women express to me. As a personal fitness trainer, women often ask my for assistance with their so called "problem areas". They point to their abs, grab at their thighs, slap at the underside of their arms, all the while using derogatory remarks about their own bodies, as if separate from the soul. They are seeking to diet and exercise their way to a more perfect body, never seeing how perfect they already are.

For today (and everyday is today in the moment), let us look at ourselves and see what is RIGHT about us. Choose to never forget the beauty already inside of each one of us! Because you are not the size of your thighs either!

Have a healthy day!


David Haas said...

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